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How to Stake LOOM with Mythos

Mythos specific questions posted below. See official Cosmos documents for more information.

How do you stake with Mythos?

1. Does Mythos take custody of my ATOMS during delgation?

No, Mythos does not take custody of your ATOMS tokens through the delegation process. You maintain access to your private keys through your designated wallet.

2. How do I stake with Mythos?

See our Cosmos staking guide here.

3. What are Mythos fees for delegation?

Our fees are subject to change but can always be found here.

4. How often can I withdraw my rewards?

Rewards are provided by the Cosmos protocol on a per block basis, which is generally every 5-7 seconds. Stakers can withdrawl rewards at any time. We also encourage stakers to re-bond their rewards in order to compound their returns.

5. How long does it take to unbond my ATOMs once staked?

Once staked, your ATOMs are locked. Unlocking them will required you to send an unbonding transaction. It will take 3 weeks (21 days) from the time of your unbounding transaction until funds are unlocked.

6. How do I re-delegate from another validator to Mythos?

You can instantly re-delegate your ATOMs from an existing validator to Mythos. Instructions for this can be found here.


Global Inflation Rate
Cosmos global inflation rate is adaptive with issuance fluctuating between 7% to 20% of annual supply. If the total bonded stake is greater than 66% of the Atom supply, inflation decreases until it reaches 7%. If the total bonded stake is less than 66% of the Atom supply, the annual inflation increase up to 20%. The rate gradually fluctuates between these amounts depending on total bonded amounts.