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How to Switch your Stake to Mythos

Estimated Time: 3 mins

You can switch your staked ATOMs from your current validator to Mythos with a single CLI command. We anticipate wallets and web user interfaces will be available soon to make re-delegation easier in the future.

For this tutorial we assume:

  • You have setup your Cosmos CLI
  • You have some number of ATOMs staked with an existing Cosmos validator
  • You want to switch all or a portion of your ATOMs to Mythos

Re-Delegating Command

You can re-delegate already staked ATOMs to switch from one validator to another at any time.

Notice that re-delegating is different than un-bonding. Unbounding ATOMs requires a 21 days unbonding period during which time your ATOMs remain illiquid and unavailable to withdraw.

Unlike un-bonding, re-delegating is instant.

You can re-delegate from one validator to another by running a command similar to this:

$ gaiacli tx staking redelegate <src-validator-addr> <dst-validator-addr> <amountToBond> --from <delegatorKeyName>

Where <src-validator-addr> is validator address you're currently delegated to.

Where <dst-validator-addr> is the destination validator you'd like to delegate to.

Where <amountToBond> specifies the number of uAtoms you want to switch.

Where <delegatorKeyName> is the key name you specified when you imported your Ledger keys.

Re-Delegating to Mythos Example

For example, to move 100,000 already staked ATOMs from Polychain Labs to Mythos with a delegator keyname of MainCosmosAccount and with a 1uAtom gas fee you'd run this command:

$ gaiacli tx staking redelegate cosmosvaloper16m93gjfqvnjajzrfyszml8qm92a0w67nwxrca7 cosmosvaloper1w42lm7zv55jrh5ggpecg0v643qeatfkd9aqf3f 100000000000 --from MainCosmosAccount --gas auto --gas-prices 1.0uatom --chain-id cosmoshub-1

Need Additional Help?

If you need help, one of our agents will be happy to assist you, just contact us.

Additionally, you can try the instructions in the official guide.