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Introduction to LOOM Validator

LOOM is a sidechain network for Ethereum. LOOM tokens can be delegated on the PlasmaChain which is LOOM’s hub for transacting between it’s sidechains and Ethereum mainnet. LOOM uses a Plasma architecture to inherit the security of Ethereum in its sidechains.

At a Glance

Staking Asset Expected Returns Reward Schedule Mythos Fee Min. Stake
LOOM 3.75-15% annualized every 2 weeks 25% None

Mythos LOOM validator:

Staking Address Status Staking
0x7bc38ff819b75f85275d2fd83080ec337b4e0afe View Stake Now

Staking Returns

Stakers with Mythos will receive rewards denominated in LOOM as an annualized percentage of the total amount of LOOM staked. The reward percentage you receive depends on the length of your locktime as follows:

Locktime Protocol Reward Your Reward
2 weeks 5% annual 3.75% annual
3 months 7.5% annual 5.625% annual
6 months 10% annual 7.500% annual
12 months 20% annual 15.000% annual

Mythos receives a percentage of the reward and you keep the remaining amount. Rewards are paid out by the protocol every two weeks. You can withdraw the rewards anytime after payout.

Staking Example 1

Say you delegate 1,000,000 LOOM to Mythos with a Locktime period of 6 months and assume the Mythos Fee is 25%, you will receive an annualized reward of 7.5% on your delegated LOOM. With reward payouts every 2 weeks, you can assume 13 payouts of 2,884.84 LOOM per two week cycle or 37,500 LOOM after 6 months.

Staking Example 2

Likewise, for a 12 month delegation of 1,000,000 LOOM to Mythos you would receive 15% or 150,000 LOOM. This amount would be paid out every 2 weeks in proportianl increments for the duration of the 12 month delegation locktime.

How to stake LOOM