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Frequently asked Questions on LOOM

See the official LOOM staking FAQ. Mythos specific questions will be posted below in the future.

1. Does Mythos take custody of my LOOM during delgation?

No, Mythos does not take custody of your LOOM tokens through the delegation process. You maintain access to your private keys through your designated Ethereum wallet.

2. How do I stake with Mythos?

See our LOOM staking guide here.

3. What are Mythos fees for delegation?

Our fees are subject to change but can always be found here.

4. How often can I withdraw my rewards?

Rewards are provided every 2 weeks. Stakers can withdrawl rewards on the Rewards section of dappchain interface at the time they are provided.

5. Does locktime lock me into a validator?

A Locktime locks a LOOM staker into a specific staking time period, but does not lock a staker into a specific validator. You will be able to change validators during your locktime.

6. Can I withdraw my LOOM during my Locktime?

No. A locktime locks your LOOM into a locked state for the duration of the lockup period you select. You can change validators during your locktime, but you cannot withdraw your LOOM prematurely.

7. Can I map my Plasmachain account to multiple Metamask or Ledger Ethereum addresses?

Not at this time. Currenly, every Metamask account or Ledger address can only be mapped to one Plasmachain account. Future updates may allow multi-mapping configurations.

8. Which wallets can I stake from?

Currently, Metamask or Ledger.

Need Additional Help?

If you need help, one of our agents will be happy to assist you, just contact us.

Alternatively, contact LOOM support via or LOOM telegram.